DeAnn Strong

My 9 year old daughter has been going for almost a year and she LOVES it. I am absolutely happy that we decided to go here when we were choosing a location to participate in. She's learning so much and progressing well. Every one here is attentive to the individual need of the students and go above and beyond.

Jennifer Marriott

Karate Riverton has, by far, the best karate Sensei's. My daughters have been attending for 2 years and love it! They both have their blue/green belts and have worked very hard with dedicated instructors to earn them. Each Sensei has a unique way of capturing the attention of the students to draw them in to teach them. My daughters know their moves (kempos, DM's etc) backwards and forwards, literally.
Karate Riverton treats each student (and parent) with respect and always gives plenty of notice for changes or upcoming events. Several times a year they have special activities for the younger kids, which my girls always look forward to.
I recommend Karate Riverton to anyone young or old!

Angela Payne Chamberlain

My son started at Karate Riverton when he was about 6. He continued with it until he earned his blackbelt at age 18. He loved it and I loved it. Not only did he learn martial arts, but respect, discipline, concentration, etc.. The Riverton dojo is the best. Sensei's Garvey and Jessie are great. They really know how to work with kids of all ages. I can't speak highly enough of them.

Elysha Maughan

I LOVED having my son go to this dojo. Such an amazing, warm place of growth and love. I was very impressed with all of the leaders. I was very grateful that a time for homeschoolers was offered during the day. Very sad when we moved states and could no longer attend there.

Brittany Fuller Varila

We LOVE Karate Riverton! My son has taken karate for 2 and a half years now- and really enjoys it. We love the self-mastery and positive self image he has thanks to their teachings. I highly recommend anyone interested in martial arts take a serious look at them.

Elisabeth Kraus

I'm so thrilled about what karate is doing for my kiddo! She's gaining confidence and coordination, and she knows that her senseis care about her. Can't recommend highly enough!

Cortnie Olson Francis

The BEST Karate studio in the state!! I tried many other studios and none could compare to the training, guidance, encouragement, and love that Karate Riverton gave my son. The confidence that they helped him achieve changed his world. I recommend them to everyone. Everything is taught with enjoyment in mind. My son learned to defend himself and have a good time both. Sensei Jessie and Sensei Garvey hold very special places in the hearts of my family!!

Missy Robinson

Jaxson has been a part of Karate Riverton since he was 4 yrs old, he will soon be 14 yrs old and Karate Riverton is part of his life and his family! They have taught him so much about growth, discipline, respect, and loyalty! He is committed or addicted to Karate, I haven't decided which one! Thanks for all you do for kids and adults! Much respect!

Dave Schaat

Karate Riverton has set itself above & beyond other organizations as they have consistently provided top quality instruction for more then fair pricing. A huge thanks to Sensei Garvey and all their Instructors.

Tom Fortie

This place will change your lives by giving you the confidence and self respect to do what ever you have in front of you. Plus the staff there are the best ever!

Elizabeth Hill

My 3 kids love karate at Karate Riverton. Their confidence has increased dramatically. The sensei's are amazing.

Sarah Oakley Milar

My boys love Sensei David, Jessie, & Collin!! I love watching them be challenged and progress :)!!

Connie Brokaw

Such a positive, uplifting environment for kids! Learning to work hard and earning advancements. Very rewarding!